An avid reader, I devoured any kind of Fantasy novel I could come across when I was younger. The thicker the book, the better.

I definitely wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Luckily, since I’m not a published writer yet, I have decided not to grow up.

I wound up getting press-ganged into the press in high-school and wrote for both the newspaper and yearbook. That led me to dabble, at least a little, in some of the literary clubs in college and to write video game reviews for a fledgling, and ultimately, failed gaming themed website.

In college I found myself taking every creative writing course that I could and worming my way into all of the screenplay writing classes that a non-film major could actually take.

I took up the National Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge in 2009 and managed to write the first book of a YA fantasy trilogy that I then proceeded to let collect figurative dust on my hard drive.

My job as a professional board game designer led me to writing a decent amount of sales copy for the games that the company produced as well as developer diaries for the products I made. Not to mention all the rules writing and actual card text. As anyone who plays board games knows, writing rules is *hard*, and many professional companies still aren’t very good at it.

I am happy to lend my creative talents to writing just about whatever you need.

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