When my voice finally settled down in high school, people began to remark on how deep it was. As a teenager this was, as everything, an embarrassment. My ‘fondest’ memory was one day in the batting cages during p.e. class, my assigned partner remarked on my voice, and spent ten minutes begging me to quote Barry White, “
This one goes out to all the ladies in the audience”.

The next memorable incident happened at work one day. After about three years of working in phone customer service, I had developed what I liked to think of as my ‘professional phone voice’. Smooth and confident, I felt like it helped set the customer at ease and let them know, right off the bat, that I was friendly and knowledgeable. Well, one day, a customer called in and, after my greeting told me that she needed my help, but afterward wanted to talk to me about ‘something’.

Of course that something turned out to be how to get into professional voice acting. I took down all the information she gave me, but of course, I dragged my feet and accidentally wound up in the board game industry instead.

I’ve corrected my mistake and now I’ve taken three semesters of voice acting classes from CastingCall.club with veteran voice actress Deb Munroe.

I am most interested in audiobook work, but will happily do any VO work you think my deep, resonant voice is a good fit for.

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