A nerd from the start, I’ve always found myself with a book or a controller in hand. Reading about and playing in these fantastic worlds, I’ve been passionate about creating my own stories since I was young.

Trials and Tribulations

I’ve dabbled in writing since grade school and I’ve found many reasons to use my writing skills in my professional life, it’s mostly been a “hidden skill” that has little to do with the job I was originally hired for.

I found a love of board games in college and quickly discovered a knack for designing them when I volunteered to be an in-house play tester for a local company. Almost accidentally getting myself a job in the industry and subsequently publishing 14 titles as a designer and many, many more in various roles, it turns out I’m not half bad at making them.

Ever since my voice stopped cracking in high school, people have remarked on the depth and richness of tone that just comes naturally to me. A chance phone call with a voice actress (whom I was actually providing web hosting support for at the time) told me that I could be a professional voice actor. I’ve taken nearly a years worth of classes and now here I am, ready to lend my voice to whatever comes.

So you’ve read all of this and still want to work with me?

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